What Makes Angelic Lift Training Different?

7 BIG Reasons Angelic Lift Training Is VERY Different from Any Other Training Programs, Equipment or Products You've Ever Seen...

Med Spa owners are used to spending a fortune on equipment, a pricey staff, and expensive consumables that in the end, fail their business in multiple ways. The status quo Med Spa business model…

1. An Innovative, Proprietary Technique

AngelHeadshotAngel Rodriguez designed, tested and perfected the Angelic Lift technique by pushing the limits to see what's possible through safe, off-label use of standard equipment widely used in the beautification industry today.

The Angelic Lift inventor then implemented these innovative techniques into a variety of Med Spas and private practices as non-invasive procedures that yield results equal or BETTER than what's possible with plastic surgery.

The proprietary nature of this technique means Angel is in control of who uses it…and where. As an industry expert and practitioner who understands the huge challenges Med Spa owners face today, Angel is using the proprietary nature of his technique to help 'the best in the business' rise to the top and succeed financially. He's committed to working with a select few who are committed and driven to provide exactly what patients want cost-effectively—superior body sculpting and beautification without the hassles of surgery.

Angel is so committed to the Med Spa owner’s success that he is personally performing the owner’s makeover for the owner to accelerate their ROI via flaunting their excellent physical transformation.

2. Stunning Results Without Surgery

Surgery is painful, inconvenient and expensive for patients. Disappointing, unnatural looking results, scarring, and complications can arise even with the best plastic surgeons. Surgery always involves health risks and significant down time. The Angelic Lift technique eliminates all of the pitfalls of plastic surgery and delivers stunning results patients love; starting with the Med Spa owner’s own results.

The benefits of non-invasive and effective alternatives that have been proven to outlast dozens of competing Med Spas over the years by offering no downtime options for today's most sought after procedures are huge.

Results like these are very effective at attracting new patients because they belong to Med Spa staffer doing the consultation; results that cannot be Photoshopped since they are Hi-Def video recorded.  Nowadays patients need to be overwhelmed by factual proof.  The dermatologist who almost rids his / her own adult acne scarring will be the most successful dermatologist in that city. Likewise, the plastic surgeon whose eyes close abnormally from an unfortunate blepharoplasty will not sell much volume in his / her office. It will be the plastic surgeon who non-invasively fixes their flawed blepharoplasty that will own that city.

3. NO Need for a Degree or Specialized Expertise

In many states, the Angelic Lift technique can be performed on patients by members of your team who have NO specialized training, expertise or degrees other than an aesthetician license. It's up to you to decide which of your staff members receives training—and how many! You can free yourself up and avoid paying high prices to doctors or nurses with Angel's training. You can free yourself or your medical director up to pursue other revenue-generating activities that benefit your business financially. We'll train your office manager, your office manager's assistant, or the assistant's assistant with aesthetician licenses at NO extra cost. Literally you can duplicate yourself through your team to use this technique with patients once they're trained and maximize the revenue each staff member brings you!

4. Get a Make-Over as You're Trained

We train you by performing your OWN makeover to demonstrate how we get results so great, that it will be years before your competition can offer something similar.  You'll literally become your own best spokesperson—a living, breathing success story. There couldn't be an easier way to market your own Angelic Lift procedures. Imagine the response your marketing will generate when you can literally 'walk the talk' as a make-over trainee.

As an Angelic Lift Make-over Trainee, you're invested in what you'll be offering. Nothing is more authentic or appealing to patients than the highest possible level of personal commitment and faith in what you're offering.

Schedule a Discovery Call today to find out if you're a good fit for this unique and limited training opportunity.

5. Support to Help Your Business Succeed

The big focus of Angelic Lift Training is putting an amazing technique in your hands. We know you'll get great results for your patients, because we've seen amazing transformations again and again. If you'd like to see before and after photos of real Angelic Lift patients, view some here.

Impressive results speak volumes, but they're not the only thing you'll need as a business owner to guarantee your Med Spa will succeed. We provide guidance and support in how you can make the most of Angelic Lift in your own practice—with your own patients. You'll learn how to make our training work for you. That includes help with understanding how to use what we give you to market successfully, offer unique services, and instructions on how to continue to grow your business long past the point where you've successfully recovered the investment you've made in our training.

NO other training program, equipment or product dealer offers or provides the level of support we do! Learn more about how we can help your business succeed by opting in on your website.

6. Work EXCLUSIVELY in Your Area

Angel Rodriquez works with only ONE Med Spa per local area, so you can attract and keep more patients with EXCLUSIVE offerings. One of the biggest challenges Med Spa owners face today is trying to compete in an oversaturated market where everyone offers the exact same thing!

Today's savvy consumers haven't missed a beat in the beautification and body-sculpting industry. They go on Groupon, they shop around—they bargain hunt for the services they're seeking. There's no such thing as 'loyalty' to you or any other Med Spa in your vicinity, and why should there be? As long as Med Spas try to compete on the exact same offerings by price-cutting, patients will take advantage of the opportunities for savings.

Angelic Lift Training puts an end to all these incredibly costly games. It will set you apart from the crowd, because NOBODY else in your area will offer the non-surgical alternatives and GREAT results you do.

7. Results are GUARANTEED

The Angelic Lift technique delivers results patients love, increases profits substantially, and gives Med Spas the long term competitive advantage they need. That's why there's no risk—your return on investment is fully GUARANTEED.

There's no risk involved in this PROVEN innovative solution to the toughest challenges Med Spa owners face today.

Angelic Lift Training provides BIG benefits unlike anything Med Spa owners have EVER been able to access, offer or use. Take the first step toward increasing your business' profits by contacting us today!

Schedule a Discovery Call for details on costs, training locations, exactly how we can help your Med Spa, and our ROI guarantee.

Before & After

Angelic Lift is a proprietary technique that delivers great results, is non-surgical, and gives Med Spa owners the unique, profitable service offerings they need. Our program is VERY different from any other training, equipment or products you've ever seen. Check out a few before and after results of the technique below...

Compilation of before and after results...

Reverse aging in face...

Lips and eyes...



100% Guaranteed

The Angelic Lift technique delivers results patients love, increases profits substantially, and gives Med Spas the long term competitive advantage they need. That's why there's NO RISK with Angelic Lift—your return on investment is fully GUARANTEED with our program!


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