Increase Your Med Spa's Profits with the MOST Effective, Non-Invasive Body Sculpting Technique EVER Created!

Med Spa owners are used to spending a fortune on equipment, a pricey staff, and expensive consumables that in the end, fail their business in multiple ways. The status quo Med Spa business model…

  • Fails to deliver patients results as promised, sabotaging credibility and patient satisfaction.
  • Offers ZERO opportunities to compete in an oversaturated market in unique, profitable ways
  • Demands astronomical costs that annihilate profitability and minimize the possibility of financial gains.

AngelHeadshotToday, Angel Rodriguez is offering an innovative, exciting alternative to this severely flawed, 'business as usual' model. His proprietary Angelic Lift technique is the ONLY solution Med Spa owners can rely on to conquer the toughest financial challenges Med Spa owners face today.

Angel Rodriguez understands the downfalls of investing in 'the latest new thing.' Trying to compete with other Med Spas by buying one pricey new piece of equipment or training after another is a sure path to financial failure. A better approach is to make the most of exclusive trademarked protocols that has outlasted fleeting Med Spa models and flavor-of-the-month equipment.

The Angelic Lift Technique developed as an innovative approach to developing protocols that addresses patients' ignored needs for beautification and body-sculpting procedures…and to do so cost-effectively. The goal was to compete on the outskirts of the mainstream which meant achieving the best possible results without the need for surgery, and without the need to continually sacrifice huge sums of money every year or so to compete in what should be a rewarding, respected, profitable business.

Today, Med Spa owners and their patients can benefit thanks to Angel's unprecedented approach and commitment to perfecting his technique as both a trainer and stand-alone beauty clinic.  Angel does not sell you a hypothetical business model, he sells you a real time technique that has already outlasted neighboring Med Spas and has the 2014, 2015, and 2016 financials of Med Spas backing the lessons being taught.  After getting started, you can learn to deliver excellent results through non-invasive procedures that do NOT require high cost insurance, a surgical team, or EVER spending a dime on the 'latest and greatest' shiny new machines.

Angelic Lift WILL Increase Your Med Spa's Profits in 3 KEY Ways…

1. MUCH More Profitable Procedures

The best thing about the Angelic Lift Technique is the win-win situation it creates for Med Spa owners and their patients.  Offering safe, effective non-surgical alternatives to Butt Lifts, Tummy Tucks, Liposuction and other beautification procedures results in BIG savings. You can charge patients less while your business earns more with Angel's technique.

You already know that by the time the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, the nurse and assorted other staff members are paid, even a pricey plastic surgery is far less profitable than any non-invasive procedure. Equipment and consumables are expensive—and so is extensive liability insurance.

Angelic Lift makes the Med Spa business model far less costly and much more profitable with absolutely NO sacrifice in terms of quality. In many states, aestheticians can be trained to perform this technique as long as there is a physician as a medical director effectively limited your current procedure’s medical supervision and liability requirements. The savings are astounding, and the results speak for themselves, as you can see here...

2. NO Pricey Build-Outs or High-Cost Medical Layouts

Building out a Med Spa can cost upwards of $250,000—and that's before the first procedure is ever performed!  Surgery demands expensive, specialized equipment, elaborate medical layouts, and high-cost consumables. None of this is necessary for a Med Spa to achieve financial success with the Angelic Lift Technique. Once you're trained in the technique, you can achieve unprecedented results often times with the non-invasive equipment you already own.

That's literally the beauty of this technique. You can get GREAT results doing what others don't know how or are afraid to do with equipment that's already widely used in the industry! If you don't own any equipment, you can take advantage of affordably priced equipment with low consumable overhead.

On average, it costs about a third of the start-up expense of a surgical build-out to open the door of your own Med Spa that's guaranteed profitability through Angelic Lift Training. By avoiding surgery, you'll automatically reduce the costs of overhead and labor expenses dramatically.

3. Risk-Free Investment - ROI is GUARANTEED

There's nothing to lose and no risk involved when you invest in Angelic Lift Training. We're so confident Angelic Lift will increase your profits and provide the results you and your patients are seeking, ROI is GUARANTEED. Learn more about our straight-forward, no nonsense guarantee by scheduling a discovery call today.

Angelic Lift is a non-invasive, proven body sculpting technique that gets unprecedented results with equipment many Med Spas already own but don’t maximize. Unlike other training gurus and manufacturers, Angelic Lift will reduce 10 years off of the Med Spa’s owner’s face, torso, or buttocks without a single day of downtime in the first 30 days of training.

There's no need to try to compete by buying 'the latest' costly new machines or technology especially since they will not offer a makeover of the Med Spa owner with the technology they are selling.

There's no requirement for high-cost liability insurance, and there's no need to pay a fortune for an anesthesiologist, Physician's Assistant, Nurse Practitioner or any other member of a surgical team because there is NO surgery.

Ready to learn more about the unique, exclusive NO surgery solution that's guaranteed to increase Med Spa profitability?

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Before & After

Angelic Lift is a proprietary technique that delivers great results, is non-surgical, and gives Med Spa owners the unique, profitable service offerings they need. Our program is VERY different from any other training, equipment or products you've ever seen. Check out a few before and after results of the technique below...

Owner of a Plastic Surgery Center talks about Angelic Lift...

International client makeovers...

Full body makeover...



100% Guaranteed

The Angelic Lift technique delivers results patients love, increases profits substantially, and gives Med Spas the long term competitive advantage they need. That's why there's NO RISK with Angelic Lift—your return on investment is fully GUARANTEED with our program!


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