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Angel Rodriguez is the inventor of the Angelic Lift. He entered into the competitive aesthetics industry with the pure intent of mastering and mainly servicing the aspects of the beauty world that the industry’s biggest players were not that interested in at the time: stretch mark reduction, C-section & other surgical scar reduction, treatment of clientele with Fitzpatrick skin types IV through VI, as well as other peripheral services and markets. This quest took him on a journey that ultimately led him to learn from the best plastic surgeons and dermatologists in the world at innovative educational medical and aesthetic conferences all over the country. He took all of this information and researched and developed selective aspects of it until it evolved into what is now the Angelic Lift technique. He has utilized Angelic Lift with clients around the world, getting outstanding results and now teaches other Med Spas how to generate huge profits and a positive ROI in their businesses in as little as 90-days. This FREE training video will help your Med Spa stand out from the competition and attract more clients quickly and easily.

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